Detachable Straps-Wedding Dress

Detachable Straps for your Wedding Dress

Beautiful Detachable Wedding Dress Straps By Elizabeth Dickens

Any Strapless Wedding Dress can be turned into a beautiful bridal gown with delicate straps, with the careful addition of the correct detachable straps in lace and organza from Elizabeth Dickens.

Elizabeth Dickens do a beautiful range of detachable straps available from Savvy Cinderella.  Each Strap has been carefully designed and made to look as though it were made for your dress. With straps you have to be very careful that they don’t look like an obvious add on, but as a beautiful extension of the dress.  This beautiful collection come ready to be sewn onto your dress, and are easy to attach.

Detachable Lace Straps

Detachable Lace Straps Mermaid  £66

Detachable Straps for your wedding dress  will not hold a dress up on their own, but a well fitted dress won’t need extra support. These beautiful straps can help give you a feeling of support, and also can help you feel more covered up. They can change the look of a dress, balancing out your shoulders, and creating an elegant feel to a gown.


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Detachable Straps by Elizabeth Dickens £89

Ballerina Organza Straps £89



You can have a veil made to match your straps completely, or with the thicker straps, they can take away the need to have a veil, as the give coverage to your shoulders, leaving you feeling less exposed that a strapless dress.



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Detachable Straps

Amy Detachable Organza Straps £49

The detachable bridal straps can be made in White or Ivory, and are sewn into your gown.  Some can be sewn into a strapless bra,  giving you the option to take off your bra and straps for the evening.

We hold a large selection of straps, veils, belts and Birdcages here at Savvy Cinderella.  It gives you the option to turn a strapless gown into a strapped dress, or have capped sleeve.   You can also order on line     If you don’t see you veil in our on line shop, email us and we will send you a quote.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, as each item is made to order.


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