Designer Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Gowns

At Savvy Cinderella we work with trusted  Designers, like Romantica of Devon, Phil Collins, Opulence, Olivia Grace and Gino Cerruti to provide Brides with affordable Designer Wedding Dresses.  We also have our own range of gowns, which we have developed with our own trusted team of designers, to provide you with affordable custom made wedding gowns.  As with the majority of  Wedding Dresses bought and sold in the UK, the dresses come from abroad.  This is because the prices are very competitive, the workmanship is excellent, and they are manufactured to the highest of standards, from factories that have been awarded the highest of ratings, and are trusted suppliers, working to the standards set by the industry.  A lot of time and effort goes into finding and  building up a relationship with a supplier, and designers and retailers take their responsibilities very seriously. We work with experienced UK designers, who have a solid background in wedding dress design, and an excellent knowledge or gown production.

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Unfortunately, not all factories are the same, and there are a lot of internet sites selling fakes.  At this time of year, we see a lot of girls who have purchased Prom or Wedding dresses, believing them to be the original designer gowns, and who are then left disappointed when they receive a dress, which is of poor material, poor quality, wrongly sized and nothing like the designers pictures.  We do our best to try and help these girls, and our experienced and highly skilled seamstress will do what she can to make the dress fit,  but we can’t change the material or beading, or structure of the dress.   There is a standard £35 fitting charge for prom and bridesmaid dresses, and £60.00 for wedding dresses, on all dresses not purchased from us, with the alterations required charged on top.  In many cases the alterations required to make an internet dress wearable, are in excess of the original costs.    Often, with a lot of care and attention, we can put then dress right, but it will never be a designer dress, it will always be a copy.  People often expect us to take on the alteration work on a dress purchased elsewhere free of charge, as they believe they have spent enough on the dress already, and don’t want to pay any more.  We give access to our professional highly qualified seamstress, we give the use of our facilities and our knowledge, and the time of our staff,  so we have to charge.   Please don’t book an appointment with us to fit your wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses purchased elsewhere, if you do not want to pay for the service.



We have seen people over the years who have believed they have purchased a well known Designer Dress from the internet, only to find they have purchased a fake.  The pictures used are of the original dress, but you are not getting  a dress from that designer.  You are just seeing a picture that the designer has produced, and a dress is made based on that design.  In some cases the copies have been very good, in other cases totally unwearable.  But in either instance, you need to be informed on what you are purchasing.  If the site says it is providing you with a Genuine Alfred Angelo Wedding dress, and the seller is not an Alfred Angelo Stockist, and it is for quarter of the normal price, then you are purchasing a fake.  If the site says it is a Alfred Angelo STYLE dress, then it is clearly obvious that you are purchasing a copy. You take the risk in what you are buying, because you know it is not the original dress. Some  brides are very pleased with their purchases, but most are not.


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If  you want a genuine Alfred Angelo, Romantica of Devon, Phil Collins, Benjamin Roberts, Eternity, Sincerity wedding dress, (there are far to many other designers to name)  then please, please go to a genuine stockist to see the dress, try on the dress, and use the knowledge of the staff in the shop to help you find and purchase your dream dress.  Please DO NOT pick the brains of the staff, try on their dresses, then buy the dress from an internet site, and then go back to the original store for help when it turns out badly –  that tends to make even the loveliest of bridal shops  very upset!  We have been in this situation recently.  A bride used our store to try on dresses with her 5 bridesmaids, and took photo’s to then have her dresses made from an internet site.  When the dresses arrived in the wrong shade, and wrong sizes, made from cheap poor quality material, she came back to us to use our expertise to put them right.  We did what we could to make them wearable, but we charged for our time and our service.  This made it a very expensive cheap dress.  It actually cost her £30 a dress more than if she had purchased them from us in the first place, saving herself a lot of stress and heartache.

There is nothing wrong with having a dress made in the style of another dress.  A very famous wedding designer will often recreate a dress he has seen on The Red Carpet, and will name it after the actress wearing it.  He isn’t stealing the design, but using it as inspiration, he isn’t saying it is the original dress from the original designer, but saying that was the inspiration behind it.  There is also a very well know website that makes dresses As Seen On Screen,  the dresses are beautiful, well made, and a fraction of the cost of the original.  They are not selling fakes, but dresses inspired by the original dress, and many High Street Stores do the same.  They take a well known style from the Cat Walks, and make something very similar, and more affordable.  As long as you know you are not buying the original, and it is not portrayed as being made by the original dress designer, then it is perfectly legal, legitimate and a great way of getting the dress you love at the price you want to pay.


Tea Length Bali, available in short of full length too.

Tea Length Bali, available in short of full length too.

Sometimes the dress of your dreams is just not out there, and although you can see elements of it, you just cant find exactly what you want.  That is where custom making comes very useful.  You can have a dress that is made with the style of bodice that you like, with the style of skirt you like, and have the beading detail and train detail that you like, to have your own dress made to your own design.  You know you are having a dress made to your own requirements, you have chosen the style, detailing, fabric etc.    Contact us to discuss making your dream bespoke wedding gown 01354 655588




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