Elizabeth Dickens Veils Video

The fabulous people at Elizabeth Dickens have produced a great set of video’s for you to understand how to measure, choose and care for your Elizabeth Dickens Veil.

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Amy by Elizabeth Dickens

Buy Amy From £50.68



The Amy is one of our most popular Elizabeth Dickens Veils,  Starting at £50.68 for a 54″ it looks amazing also as a 90″ for £74.77  or as a full length 126  for £100.11











The Bunty is a beautiful crystal droplet veil with a delicate bow effect on the edge.  £87.44 for a 54″   or for a show stopping 72″ it is £117.85


Buy Bunty from £87.44











cinderella by elizabeth dickens

Buy Cinderella from £121.65



The Cinderella is a delicate embroidered scallop edged veil, with beautiful crystal droplets and heavy graduated scatter.

Starting From £121.65 – £278.78 for a dramatic 144″










The Cherry Veil is a delicate 7″ scallop with a tiny 5mm crystal ball

Cherry Veil detail

Cherry Veil from £67.16












The Ronnie Veil is a delicate 7″ scallop, with now scattered crystals, but a beautiful crystal facetted droplet.  This catches the light and gives the most beautiful effect.


Ronnie By Elizabeth Dickens

Buy your Ronnie By Elizabeth Dickens from, £69.70


As with all Elizabeth Dickens products,  it is all about the little details that make them special.  Whether it is the crystals added to the veils, the delicate design of the straps and belts, or the thoughtfulness in producing a helpful video, Elizabeth Dickens is known throughout the world as leaders in manufacturing high quality veils.  Click on the Headings below to see the video’s from Elizabeth Dickens.

 Combing Styles

Half Comb is the standard 2 tier veil,  which gives you a soft drape around the shoulders, without too much volume.   If you want a full 50’s or 60’s style veil a Full Comb gives more volume to the tiers. You can add extra tiers to get an even fuller look.

A flat comb gives you the soft draping effect, as seen on The Duchess of Cambridge.     Flamenco and Mantilla Combs works perfectly with lace single tiered veils, for the Spanish look.



Measuring your Veil  

This helpful video shows you how to measure your veil, to ensure you get the length you want.




Caring for your Veil

When you have your Elizabeth Dickens Veil, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight, and keep it covered.  We suggest keeping it in the bag until shortly before the wedding day.   Once a veil is hung up, any creases will drop out naturally,  but this process can be speeded up by gently applying hot air from a hair-dryer.  NEVER STEAM OR IRON A VEIL.  Steaming will make it limp and floppy, and ironing can scorch or melt it.  View Video on Caring for your veil

Veil of the Month for March

Buy Chardonnay from £114


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