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We at Savvy Cinderella have a very good relationship with the lovely people at Elizabeth Dickens Veils, and we only sell Elizabeth Dickens veils from our Savvy Cinderella On-Line Shop, and Bridal Studios.  This is because we have found Elizabeth Dickens to be the most professional people to work with, who supply top quality veils, at excellent prices.  All their veils are handmade in the UK, and we visits the workshops regularly to see the latest collections, and ensure our customers get the veils to match their dresses perfectly.  Elizabeth Dickens have helped train our staff to ensure we are able to help you select your perfect veil.  If we don’t know the answer to a question, or we need to make something slightly different, we know that Alan and Nina are on hand to help us, help you.

As Elizabeth Dickens rarely discontinue their veils, there is an enormous amount to choose from.  We hold a large yet beautiful selection in store, but have access to all of the veils from the Elizabeth Dickens range, at a discounted price.

If you can not see your veil from our online veil shop, then please contact us, via email or call us on 01354 655588 with the name of the veil you would like to buy, and we can arrange to have one made for you.  We can help you match colours and discuss lengths.  If you would like your veil to be customised for you, then let us know the details, and we can arrange for your veil to be made to your requirements.

All our Elizabeth Dickens veils are made to order, to ensure they are box fresh for your wedding day.  Our Elizabeth Dickens Veils are sold on line, cheaper than in many stores, so saving you money.


The Cinderella Veil by Elizabeth Dicken

The Cinderella Veil by Elizabeth Dickens


1.   Keep you veil in the bag until a few days before you wedding day

2.   Hang it full length to allow any creases drop out

3.   If you haven’t time to wait for creases to drop out – blow hot air over the veil from a hair drier.

4.   Never STEAM a veil, this will make if floppy

5    If you use your veil for a hair drier, do not allow the hairdresser to spray hairspray on or near the veil  (this will      attract dust, and cause the veil to go grey.  It will also tarnish the tiara




Please Allow 2 weeks for delivery, especially during the busy wedding season.



Cherry Veil by Elizabeth Dickens



Ronnie by Elizabeth Dickens

Ronnie by Elizabeth Dickens




Elizabeth Dickens Veils

Elizabeth Dickens Veils


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