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Elizabeth Dickens has deservedly earned their reputation as one of the market leaders in Veils, and we can now supply Elizabeth Dickens Veils at Discounted Prices.  We are very proud to be stockists of Elizabeth Dickens Veils.  As a company, we could not wish to work with anyone better.  Owned by passionate and lovely people who are always prepared to go the extra mile for their customers, and staffed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals,

Mermaid from £139

Lace Mermaid 108 veil


Elizabeth Dickens Veils are now online and ready to order at www.savvy-cinderella.co.uk   We have great prices, and are able to give you the peace of mind that your veil is coming directly from Elizabeth Dickens, made to order, made to perfection, right here in the heart of Cambridgeshire.  If we haven’t the veil you want featured, email me with the details, and I will get back to you.  We have set the ordering online to Ivory or White, but Elizabeth Dickens have a stunning range of colours, so once you have selected the veil you want, just add the colour your require in the comments/requirements box if different.    I will email you to make sure we have all the details correct.

As ever, I want Savvy Cinderella to keep the personal touch, and I don’t want to lose that with the on-line ordering.   If you are worried about the colour match of your veil, let me know the designer of your dress,  the colour you have chosen, and the style no or name, and we will find the perfect match for you.  A top tip for Diamond White dresses, is to go for the Antique, rather than white.  This is a perfect colour match, but if in any doubt, email me with all the dress details, and I will speak to the experts to get their advice. So, if you have any queries regarding your veil purchase, please contact me. sue@savvycinderella.co.uk –  I may not know all the answers, but luckily, I know a man who does.

If you require your veil at an exact length, to match your train length for example, the pricing is simple. Any veils of a non-standard size will be charged at the same price as the next available standard size, for example a non-standard 112″ veil will be charged at the same price as a standard 126″ veil.

Caring for your Veil: Once you get your veil, keep it protected until your day.  If you can keep it in the original packaging it will protect it from any dust in the environment. And remember, don’t steam it or iron it, if it has a few wrinkles.  Simply hang it up, a few days before the wedding, and they will drop out naturally.  Steaming will give you a floppy, droopy veil, which isn’t a good look, and ironing is just tempting disaster.  If the creases haven’t dropped out, just give it a burst of hot air from a hair drier, and they will simply disappear.  Check out the Elizabeth Dickens Videos
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Amy by Elizabeth Dickens

Returns Police: The feedback we have had since we launched our online ordering has been very positive, and I thank everyone for their lovely comments.  We want on-line ordering to be easy for you, but still with the personal touch and advice that you would receive in store.   As Veils are made to order, and are a personal item, they are made to order, directly from Elizabeth Dickens.  This ensures that the veil is perfect for you on the day.  We can not accept refunds or exchanges though, as the items are especially made to order, and we do  consider them to be a personal item, (because it is placed in the hair.)  Please do not order a veil unless you are certain of your choice, colour, length of veil and understand that all sales are final. This does not affect your statutory rights.  Once you have your veil, please keep in covered, and look after it as described above.  When the veils are first sent, they may appear stiff and stick out wider than you wish.  This is just because of the packaging process, and once hung up, the creases will drop out, and it will hang perfectly.
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