FAQ’S – T’s & C’s

  1. Why do I have to make an appointment? Choosing a wedding dress, whether you hire or buy, is a big decision.We want you to be able to have the time to try on as many dresses as you like, without feeling rushed,or interrupted. Also, it is good to have the time to be able to try on the accessories so you get a feel for the overall look you want on your big day.
  2. Why can’t I order a dress online for hire – some other sites do? Wedding dresses are too important an item to get wrong.  If your tiara isn’t exactly the right colour you can easily put it right or make do, if your dress doesn’t fit there isn’t much you can do about it and it could spoil your wedding day.  A size 10 wedding dress may fit one size 10 bride perfectly, but be too short  or tight around the bust for another. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that  the dress you try on, is altered for you, is the dress you will get on the day.  No surprises, no disappointments, it is exactly as it was when you chose it.  Also, dress colours, as sizes vary enormously.  If you are matching your veil to the dress you need to know it is the right colour.
  3. Can I order a dress for purchase without coming to you? Yes, if you know the style, size, colour and order it at least  5 months before your wedding date we can take orders.  All dresses ordered must be accompanied by a 75% deposit at the time of the order, which is NON REFUNDABLE. Cancellations can not be accepted, or any payments returned once an order has been placed, so make sure you are committed to purchasing the dress, and agree to the terms and conditions before you place an order. The responsibility for placing the order lies with you. Make sure all the details are correct, and the size is correct, as mistakes can’t be rectified once an order has been placed. We prefer you to collect the dress in person, and would strongly advise this, but if you would prefer not to, we can send parcels out on Parcelforce, which require a signature on delivery, and charge for this service at cost, unless otherwise stated.  All items are  quality checked thoroughly before being sent, and returns cannot be accepted.  Please do not place an order if you do not understand and agree to these terms.
  4. Can I order my Dress, Shoes, Veil and Jewellery by telephone or email? We are happy to take telephone orders.  We take credit card security very seriously, and process the payments at the time of the order.  We only deliver the items to the address of the card holder, and all items are sent by recorded delivery. All items are thoroughly checked and recorded before being sent, and  returns can not be accepted due to the delicate nature of the products. i.e veils.   This does not affect your statutory rights, but any problems must be reported on the same day as the recorded  delivery.  Please do not be offended if we do contact the credit card company to ensure the sale is genuine.  These measures are in place to protect all parties, and to prevent misuse and abuse of the mail order service.
  5. What do I need to bring? The main essentials are a really good bra, preferably strapless, and if possible a good friend or relative who you know will give you their honest opinion.  Many girls think they will not need a bra, but the shape of a dress can be completely transformed with a good bra.
  6. What happens when I choose to hire a dress that is in stock? Once you decide on your dress, and paid for it in full, it is immediately taken out of our stock, and stored until you require it. PAYMENTS ARE ALWAYS NON REFUNDABLE. We can hold dresses for up to 6 weeks on a 50% deposit and up to 12 weeks for 75%, but reserve the right to show potential clients the dress for bookings after your wedding day.  Once it is paid for in full,  the dress will be stored away solely for your booking. For bookings for more than  12 weeks in advance dresses need to be paid for in full.  We can not take bookings for hires more than 9 months on dresses from stock.  The deposit for all hire dresses ordered in is 50% of the purchase price, with the remainder being due on delivery, and before alterations can take place.#
  7. Do you buy 2nd Hand Dresses? No we don’t.  Any dresses left in our care for sale on your behalf, are done so at your risk and we can not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Dresses not sold or claimed within 2 years, are donated to our charity ASAP. It is your responsibility to contact us before this time if you would like to collect your dress.
  8. What if my dress is ordered in especially for me? For dresses ordered in especially for you to purchase, we take a 50% deposit at the time of the order, (50% of the purchase price) with the balance due on fitting. For dresses ordered in especially for hire, we take 50% of the purchase price  at the time of the order with the remainder due on delivery to us. Please remember to allow a minimum of 16 weeks from time of ordering to delivery of your dress to us for all made to order dresses, and allow another two weeks MINIMUM for alterations. Dresses must be paid for in full before alterations can start, and cleared funds received for all payments before the dress can be released.  For short notice orders, we require full payment before the order can be processed.  Please note, NO REFUND will be given on new “made to order” dresses ordered from our suppliers. There is no refund or exchange on “Sale” or “Off the Peg” items.
  9. Will anyone else be able to hire my dress before my wedding? No, once you have chosen your dress, and paid your deposit, the dress is taken out of stock, until you come back for your fitting, or collect it for your wedding.   It is not possible to take dresses out of stock for weddings more than 9 months in advance, but we can order new dresses in for you, or you can purchase the dress. We reserve the right to show potential clients your chosen dress if you decide not to pay the full amount at the time of the booking, but we would not hire your dress before your wedding day.
  10. Why is the deposit non-refundable? Once an order has been placed with our supplier, we are committed to honouring that order.  For dresses in stock, we take them out of stock until you require it.The amount paid covers loss of potential trade if you decide not to hire it at a later date.  We recommend that you take out a wedding insurance that will cover the costs should the wedding not take place as planned.
  11. What if the wedding is cancelled – can I get my deposit or payment back? We strongly suggest you take out a wedding insurance.  Payments can not be refunded once the dress has been taken out of stock, or ordered in.  All dresses are taken out of stock once a hire or sale has been agreed, so the deposit covers loss of potential trade.
  12. Why don’t you hire Children’s bridesmaid dresses? Weddings are supposed to be fun for everyone, but if a dress for a small child is hired, the pressure on the parents to keep the child clean is too much responsibility.  If you buy your adult bridesmaids dresses, we can often give a huge discount for your additional child dresses. Please ask for details.
  13. Alterations – can a hired dress still be altered? Yes, we charge alterations at cost, and a tariff is agreed before any work is undertaken.If a dress needed to have major alterations, making it impossible to hire out again, we would ask that you buy the dress, and agree a price with you first.(Or help you find a dress that was more suitable.)  All dresses must be paid for in full before alteration work can begin.  Hired alterations are made with the purpose of the dresses easily being returned to their original size/length.   If you require a more permanent alteration (i.e. hems being cut rather than turned up)  a surcharge is applicable.  Either case, a cost is agreed beforehand.
  14. What if I decide I would like to keep my hired dress after the wedding? We supply you with a hire price, which is paid in full before the dress can be released for alterations. You also pay a refundable deposit, equivalent to the buy price on collection.   This is refundable on the condition that the dress is returned within the hire period, in excellent condition, and does not require excess cleaning, and is undamaged.  If you wish to keep the dress, or if you don’t return it within 7 days after the wedding, we do not refund the deposit.   E.g. Hire price £150.00 to be paid in full – buy price £300. £150 refundable deposit payable on collection.  Total paid £300.00.   £150 to be refunded on safe return of the dress. £50 will be deducted for excess cleaning charge, please see 14.
  15. Do I have the dress cleaned before I return it? No, we do all the cleaning. Minor mishaps are fine, and we expect the usual dust marks along the bottom, but if the dress was damaged or stained making it unusable, we would not return the deposit.  Excessive stains for example would be considered as chocolate, red wine, blood etc., which is not easily removed from satin, silk, polyester etc.  Fake Tan also is considered and excessive stain, requires additional cleaning, and can ruin a dress.   Irreparable damage would be excess stains,(fake tan, coffee etc) rips or tears, snags, burns and unauthorized customised repairs or alterations, which we would deem to make the dress unfit for further hire. CIGARETTE BURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE NO MATTER HOW MINOR, AND REFUNDS WILL NOT BE  MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you do intend to smoke whilst wearing your dress, we respectfully suggest that you consider purchasing the dress as accidents do happen, and we do not make any refunds for burn damage – no exceptions can be made to this.
  16. How do I collect and return the dress to you?We like you to collect your dress in person up to 10 days before the wedding, so we can ensure a good fit and you are happy, we complete the paperwork and take the relevant deposits. We prefer you to bring the dress back in person, or designate someone to do this for you. This ensures that all parties agree on the condition of the dress when you return it, as we check it thoroughly when it is brought back. You can return the dress by post or courier service, but please be aware that our assessment of damage or cleaning levels is final. To avoid any disagreements over the condition of the dress, we do prefer it to be brought back in person. If you do decide to return it by courier,  please ensure it is tracked and insured (at your own cost.)  Dresses damaged by the postal service will still be charged for, so it is your responsibility to ensure it is packaged correctly and securely and covered by the correct postal insurance. Please ensure the package is clearly labeled with your details enclosed. We can arrange for a delivery and collection service, at a cost of £40.00 via Parcelforce. It is your responsibility to ensure the dress is returned on or before the due date. All late & non-returned dresses will be charged for in full. Return to: Savvy Cinderella, Unit 20, Charlemont Drive, Manea, March, Cambs, PE15 0GA.
  17. Deposit. See item 4, 5,7,8 11.  Deposit is always non-refundable. Please do not enter into an agreement if you do not agree to this.
  18. Collection: Before we can release the dress/es  for hire, we require proof of address and id, full payment and a signature to say that you are happy with the dress, agree with the hire terms, and of course that it fits correctly.  Proof of  id is a passport, or full UK driving licence, and proof of address is a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last month.  Copies are not acceptable.We strongly suggest that you make time to try the dress on for a final time before collection – to avoid any last minute snags. Any faults with the dress must be reported before you leave the premises, so it is your responsibility to ensure you are 100% happy with the dress before you sign the agreement.
  19. Dresses must be returned within the first week after the wedding. If you are going on honeymoon, please ensure someone is responsible for returning the dress. Unless you have made a prior arrangement with us, all items not returned within 7 days, will not have the deposit refunded. An additional rate of £20 per day can be agreed for late returns if we are notified before the due date.  IF THE DRESS IS NOT RETURNED – WE WILL INVOICE YOU FOR THE FULL AMOUNT (BUY PRICE) OF THE DRESS, AND WE WILL NOT RETURN YOUR DEPOSIT

Return address:  Savvy Cinderella, Unit 20, Charlemont Drive, Manea, March, Cambs, PE15 0GA.  By paying your deposit for hire or purchase, it is accepted that  you are agreeing to the terms and conditions


We can send you a pdf for you to print the terms and conditions if required.





  1. All goods remain the property of Savvy Cinderella Ltd until all charges have been paid for in full.
  2.  A 50% deposit of the sale price is required at the time of the order for hire or purchased dresses.  Orders will not be accepted unless the 50% deposit has been paid. The balance is due no later than 2 weeks after we receive delivery from our suppliers.
  3. By paying a deposit you are deemed to be agreeing to the terms and conditions, and have checked all details are correct.     Deposits are always non-refundable.  Once an order/booking has been placed, it cannot be cancelled.  Full payment is required for all items made to order. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER INTO AN AGREEMENT IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  4. Our standard delivery time is approximately 12 -16 weeks from point of order. The outstanding balance is payable no later than 2 weeks after delivery.  Savvy Cinderella cannot be held responsible for orders that arrive outside the 12-16 weeks, and accept no liability for late delivery which is beyond our control.  All dresses ordered will be with you in time for the wedding date given at the time of order.
  5. If you receive a free promotional item, we cannot offer refund or exchange or cash alternative.
  6. If payment is not received within 4 weeks after delivery, the order will be deemed to have been cancelled, and the dress will be put into our stock. Deposits are non-refundable.
  7. Alterations are always chargeable. Alterations cannot start until the gown has been paid for in full.  Alterations must be paid for in full, before gowns can be released. Any additional alterations, i.e. adding of sleeves or extra beading, colours cannot be guaranteed to be an exact match, although we will do our utmost to achieve a close match.
  8. If you require to undertake your own alterations on purchased dresses, you do so at your own risk and cost. Alterations cannot be made to hired dresses without first obtaining express permission from Savvy Cinderella Ltd.
  9. Hired & ‘Sold as seen’ SALE dresses will be as seen, and prepared for the day. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the dress is in perfect condition, there may be slight marks on the lining of the dress /train which do not make the dress unusable.
  10. Special skirt lengths have a surcharge of £45.00 for bridal  and £25.00 for bridesmaid.
  11. Lace-up backs are charged at £75.00, if not as standard with the dress.
  12. There is a storage charge of £10.00 per month for dresses that will be stored for more than 3 months. For insurance reasons we are unable to take any responsibility for the storage of purchased dresses after full payment has been made.
  13. We can order additional fabric for bridesmaid dresses at £20.00 per metre for the first metre and all subsequent metres at £40.00 per metre.
  14. We cannot guarantee exact colour match for Bolero’s & Stoles, Ruffle ties unless ordered with the dress.  Sample material is not a guarantee of an exact match.
  15. We order the dress in the size that is appropriate at the time of the order.  We cannot be held responsible for dresses/suits that do not fit due to weight loss or gain. If you require us to order a dress/suit in a smaller or larger size due to anticipated weight loss or gain, we will do so, under the strict understanding that we will not be accountable if the dress/suit does not fit.  Alterations are always chargeable. We cannot be held responsible for errors made with Customers own measurements. (COM)
  16. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage or flaws noticed once the dress has left our premises. It is your responsibility to check the gown(s) thoroughly before you leave.
  17. It is your responsibility to ensure there is enough time for alterations to be carried out.  There may be a £30.00 surcharge for alterations required to be done in under 72 hours.  If you require your dress to be delivered/collected via Parcelforce, we will package the dress correctly, and check the dress on your behalf. We photograph the dress and the packaging. If you want to fully check the dress before accepting it we respectfully request that you come to our premises to do so in person.  There is a £40.00 charge for delivery and collection via Parcelforce.
  18. For hired dresses, we undertake all cleaning.  A deposit is taken at the time of collection for the full buy price of the dress/garment.  Any repair or excess cleaning charges are deducted from the refund. Excess cleaning or irreparable damage is decided by Savvy Cinderella Ltd. Permanent staining, rips or tears or burns are considered excessive and irreparable. If you wish to purchase the dress after your wedding, please advise us within 3 working days. Late returns will be charged at £20.00 per day. Dresses need to be returned within 3 working days following your wedding. It is your responsibility to return the dress on time and in good condition. To avoid late returns, please advise us that you would require the collection service, and we will make the necessary arrangements.  We operate a no smoking policy for all hired wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Cigarette burns are deemed as irreparable damage, and deposits will not be returned.
  19. We will require a copy of proof of address and identity, in the form or driving license or utility bill, prior to hired items being released.  Deposits are in the form of guaranteed cheque, or credit card details and are refundable  (see 19)
  20. All sales are final. We do not operate a refund policy, as all sales are final.  This does not affect your statutory rights.
  21. Whilst we endeavour to ensure all orders are delivered on time and as ordered, we will not accept claims for compensation should we not be able to complete an order due to circumstances beyond our control.
  22. I accept and fully understand the terms and conditions, and understand that a copy is available on the website www.savvycinderella.net.


All goods remain the property of Savvy Cinderella Ltd until all charges have been paid for in full. Alterations are always chargeable. Deposits are always non- refundable, please do not enter into an agreement, unless you agree to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update or amend  terms and conditions without notice, available at  www.savvycinderella.net  Nothing herein affects your statutory rights.