Happy Birthday Sue!

It’s Sue’s 40+10 Birthday this month (19th)  – so I just wanted to take the opportunity to pay a little tribute to this wonderful woman who was crazy enough to be my wife (it is a dirty job but somebody had to do it!)


Sue and I – Wedding Day!

It’s hard to know where to start, but Sue is without doubt the most reliable, trustworthy and supportive person I know. As with all marriages we’ve had our up’s and downs, but the up’s have been the best ever, and I now unreservedly apologise for all the downs I have caused you! I know taking you to a lap dancing club on our wedding anniversary is now not a good idea. Buying a BMW M3 with kids – yep also stupid… Forgetting my driving license and remembering I had forgotten it about 10 minutes from Landing in America, bit of an issue! I have discovered to my peril, that Sue is always right and when she is not it is only that she was not given all the facts. I advise all Grooms out there this is probably a lesson to learn early on as it saves a lot of heartache.

We chaps are stupid, and make silly decisions, and your wife will know better, believe me!


Sue & Kris BA(hons), MA and soon PhD how did that happen?

Anyway, back to Sue – mum to 4 great Kids – albeit they are not really kids anymore – Kieren is 31 years old! followed closely by Kris at 27 (who shares his birthday with Sue – Happy Birthday as well Kris!) and then the lovely Alicia – 18 and Sam the ‘creative’ one at 16. I am not quite sure how they all got to that age, as it seems last time I looked I was pushing Alicia and Sam on a swing, and the Tweenies and Bear in the Big Blue House were essential TV. But they have all turned out, to be a great bunch who we are both very proud of. So a big Birthday hug from all of your kids, they love you and you’ve done a fabulous job! I just helped with the good looks, wit and general charm a bit..

Now Sue is without doubt the worst cook in history, so when it comes to being a housewife, well I best watch my words here. I have in our marriage always been chef and the family is all very glad of it. On the rare occassions Sue has attempted to make dinner, she generally cooks everything to a caramelised state, we tend to call it burnt to a cinder. (or is that a savvy cinder?) So we have banned her from the kitchen, and with the new induction hob we are all safe as she cannot turn it on! Therefore, if it is ever her turn to cook – the takeaway menus come out.


Mrs Lovell

Now Sue being a blonde sometimes acts that way as well, which I do find endearing and I wish I had kept all the daft things she has said or done in a book as it would make a great read. One that springs to mind, is that she thought a dual carriageway was called that, as it was named after knights that duelled down 2 lanes seperated by a fence (the central reservation) – so her spelling was Duel Carriageway! Tart! Or that saying in Parliament – Aye’s (yeses to the right – no’s to the left – she thought they were saying eyes to the right and noses to the left, and it was some poor persons job to monitor if you were pointing your eyes to the right or sticking your noses to the left..anyhooo.

Sue also has a very funny tendancy to put her foot in it with people and then keep digging – the poor school friend who couldn’t have kids, was tearing up as Sue went on about how easy she fell pregnant and “oh you can have one of mine”, was probably not the sympathy vote she was hoping for. Or the reverse when she says “oh when is it due?’ gently patting a lady’s tummy, who then retorts “I’m not pregnant”...


New Premises opened in 2013


The Original Savvy Cinderella

Her business has become her passion and I am so proud of what she has achieved at Savvy Cinderella. She only wanted to have a part time business in our unit at the house, as we both were of the opinion it would not be that busy, but if it brought in a part time income then that would be great. She turfed me out of my office and started back in 2008- time flies! I was amazed at the number of brides she attracted and within weeks was full time and did not have a minute to spare! She soon started to fill up her little premises. I think she had me mistaken with Dr Who sometimes, as she continually kept asking me to generate more space for her – I would love to have the benefit of Time Lord technology but alas, I had to admit defeat on that one and suggested she looked for bigger premises. In October 2013 she opened her mega store in March – with 3,000 square feet of space and has continued her domination of the wedding dress market.


3 times Winner !

Sue was awarded Retailer of the Year – the Judges Award and last year won Business Person of the Year at the local Business Awards dinner held every October. Pretty amazing stuff my dear, well done you deserve all the recognition for your hard work and dedication. You only have to read the testimonials that Sue regularly receives to know she really does care about every customer with real passion. She gets so upset if things go wrong on rare occasions or will have a sleepless night worrying about a bride’s dress, but she seems to work her magic and always come up with a solution.

So Sue I thank you for everything, you are so supportive, loving and genuinely my best friend. I could not be without you for a moment and love every minute we have been together. Our marriage was the best thing that ever happened to me and I am honoured to be your husband. We have had such amazing times together and I know that even more amazing ones are on the way. Enjoy your birthday, you have some great surprises lined up.

With all my love, Nick x