Lacing up a Wedding Dress

Lace-up back guide

A guide to lacing up your wedding dress

Guide to Lacing Up a Wedding Dress

Savvy Cinderella is a very busy bridal studio, situated on the outskirts of March, Cambridgeshire. We get a lot of worried Mums and Bridesmaids calling, asking for advice on lacing up the wedding dress on the big day.  So I thought we would put together a guide for lacing up your wedding dress.

As with any preparation, the key starting point is always the same.  Leave plenty of time, and wash your hands first.  This may sound ridiculous, but we have heard of many dresses being foundation stained, because the person doing the lace-up has done her own make-up first.  This, combined with the natural oils on your fingers can make the ribbon look grubby.  So always make sure your hands not only look clean, but are freshly washed.  I would allow  30 minutes for a mum or bridesmaid to lace-up a dress correctly, without causing stress.

The key to lacing up your wedding dress, is to ease the bride in to her dress, no squeeze her in.  If it is done gently, and gradually  it allows the skin to find its natural level, and not be pushed over the top of the corset.  Don’t be too rough, be gently, but don’t be afraid to be firm when pulling.  Pull the ribbons at an angle in the direction of the loop that it is going to next, not straight back as this will strain the loops. If the bride stands slightly forward with her hands on her hips this will help with the lacing up process.  Most of all, don’t stress or worry and don’t rush.  It is a simple task, as long as you have left enough time to do it. It is also a lovely time, between the bride  and the person chosen to get her dressed. Its a nice time to calm last minute nerves, and to enjoy being in the final moments of being a single woman.  Once the dress is done, the preparations are almost complete, and the journey to the ceremony and married life can begin.

A Guide to lacing up a Wedding Dress

1.  Wash your hands.

2.  Add safety pins to the ends of the lace if necessary, and  you feel it would be easier to guide through the loops.

3.  Thread the top holes on either side first, and make sure the ribbon is even on both free lengths, and both ends are threading the same direction (coming from the inside of the loops to the outside)

4.  Don’t be in a hurry to pull tightly.  Thread the ribbon through the inside to the outside of each loop, and cross over to the other side, and thread through the inside of the loop, and continue. Make sure the ribbon is not         twisted as you continue to thread.

5. When you get half way down, go back to the top laces, and start pulling gently, to pull the sides of the dress together.

6. Continue lacing up to the bottom.

7. Once all the loops have been threaded through, go back to the top and starting from the second lace down, pull gently.

8. Gradually proceed down the back, pulling each lace firmly but gently.

9. If there are any poppers to be done, now is the time to click them together.

10.  Tie the ribbon into a bow and leave loose

11.  After 10 minutes the dress will have warmed up, and the ribbon/lace will need to be retightened. Start from the top, and gently pull each lace again until you get to the bottom.

12. You can now either tie into a bow and leave loose, of if you prefer, tie into a tidy knot and poke the excess ribbon through the gap into the skirt.  If you go under the skirts with your other hand and find the gap at the top of the skirt, you can guide the lace through.  (remove safety pins if used)  If you tuck the lace in, rather than leave it out, thread the bottom loops from the outside to inside,so when the know or bow is tied, it will be on the inside of the dress, and easier to hide.


NOTE;  make sure you are aware of the ribbon if tucked inside the dress when you go to the loo!  Its easier to go to the toilet facing the cistern, with the train behind you.

Enjoy it all,

Sue x

p.s Thank you Linsey – perfect and beautiful in every way.