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Elizabeth Dickens Veils

Savvy Cinderella is very pleased to be able to offer Elizabeth Dickens Veils – Online Shop.  You can buy your Elizabeth Dickens Veil Online at discounted prices, or if prefer, call us directly, and we can discuss your veil requirements.

There are lots of different ways to wear your veil on your wedding day.   Veils are very personal to the Bride.  Some Brides want short, some long, some single tier, some tripple tier.  You can have a simple veil, or jewel encrusted, it is all down to personal taste, the look you want to have, and the way it compliements your dress. Some Brides choose to wear their veil for the ceremony only, and take it off at the Reception, others choose to wear it all day and evening.  It is all about what you as the Bride are comfortable with.

If you want to wear it just for the service, then make sure your hairdresser is aware of this, so that it can be easily taken out, without ruining your hairstyle. If you wear your veil high up on your head, it gives a more fuller effect, lower down the back of your head, fixed into or under your bun will create a more slender, chic effect.  The effect your veil creates is down to how want to look, and how your hairdresser fixes it into your hair style. I often give my clients a ‘practice veil’ to take to the hairdressers, so they can ensure they know the look they want before the big day.  I dont suggest using your actual veil, and it can become damaged, or be effected by hair spray.


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The Cinderella Veil by Elizabeth Dickens

You want your veil to be perfect on the day, so keep it in its bag until the day before your wedding.  Hang it up the night before, and any creases will drop out by morning.  If there are some stubborn creases, then hot air from a hair drier will take the straight out.  Never ever steam or wash or iron a veil.   A limp veil can really spoil the look.  You want it clean, crisp and wrinkle free.


I have noticed a return to the fuller look in recent months, with brides wanting the veil high up on the back of the head, with a fullness and height to be seen over the top of high hair and tiara’s.  Elizabeth Dickens have come up with a beautifully niffty little volumisor to create this look.   A small ruffle of veil, attached under either your first or second tier, gives added volume, and dramatically changes the look of your veil, without being obtrusive or noticeable.  Simply slide  the loops over the existing combs end teeth, underneath the tier that you want to volumise, and you are ready for it to be put in to place. It is amazing how such a simple idea, and delicate piece can transform any veil.   I am thrilled with the effect it creates, and I am certain if you want a full veil, then this is the item that you need. Like all the best ideas it is simple, inexpensive and most importantly, effective.  It is also easily removeable if you want to have a sleeker look for the evening The Veil Volumisor is available from Savvy Cinderella  for £15.00  plus post and packaging.  Please state the colour of  your veil with ordering. Please allow 7 days from date of order.


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