Wedding Day Creche, Cambridgeshire

Wedding Day Child Care, Cambridgeshire

A fabulous new company started last year, in Cambridgeshire, with the purpose providing you with Professional Wedding Day Child Care, in Cambridgeshire.

A wedding day Creche – affordable, fun and safe. There is no doubt that weddings are family affairs, and children are a vital part of those celebrations,  but equally parents of children can often feel very stressed in trying to keep their children entertained in during the speeches and later on when the dancing begins.  Some children want to be out on the dance floor, whilst others start to feel tired or overwhelmed, which often means the parents have to cut their evening short.  So a Wedding Day Creche is such a great solution.The children get to play with their friends, and the adults get to be with theirs.

Lindsey Adams has been involved in the child care industry since the early 1990’s, and has an excellent reputation,  She provides fully vetted babysitters for parents wanting an evening out,  but has now expanded this to provide a service for your wedding day.   Children are free to be part of the wedding day, but also free to attend the activities that Busy Bees provide, have a nap, or just have quiet time and listen to a story.  This leaves parents free to enjoy the wedding fully, knowing they don’t have to keep their young children entertained, and are secure in the knowledge the kids are safe and having a great time.  The flexibility means that Parents and Grandparents can spend time with the children, but not be responsible for them all day and all night.

Over the years we have seen Brides who are conflicted between having a wedding without children, and not wanting to upset guests,    As a guest, it isn’t easy to get Babysitters for long periods of time, like when you are at a wedding, because the usual babysitters are family members, who are also going to be at the wedding.  Its great to be able to go out as a family, but not to have the stress of keeping a young child happy, at the cost of you socialising and catching up with friends and relations.

Having an on site creche facility give both parents and children, as well as the Bride and Groom peace of mind.


If you would like more information, please contact Lyndsey at Busy Bees on 07960 836200.  The company is based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, and covers the Cambridgeshire Area,   Click on the Busy Bee logo below to visit their facebook page.



A message from Busy Bees.

Busy Bees is a new business founded by Lindsey Adams and Nikki David. We have been friends for years and are very excited about this business.

Lindsey has worked in the childcare industry since completing her diploma back in 1992! Between then and now she also found time to have 4 children of her own. Now with her youngest in reception class at school she wants to carry on in the childcare industry and will spend time making this business a success!

Nikki has qualifications and experience in the care industry. She loves being around children and has 5 of her own, one of which has special needs so she has plenty of experience!

Our babysitters

All our sitters on our books are DBS certified.

The minimum age for our sitters is 17.


Your first booking with a new babysitter

We recommend when using a sitter for the first time is to book an hour before you go out so that you can all get to know each other.

Go somewhere fairly local the first time and feel free to check in with your sitter regularly throughout the evening if you wish to by calling her.

We will call you the following day to ask for feedback on the evening and whether you would like this sitter as one of your regulars.



We won’t charge anything until your first booking is confirmed, thereafter there will be a quarterly fee of £14.95 (just over £1 per week) and this allows you to use our service whenever you like.

Each time you book a sitter we charge a nominal booking fee, usually £4.  A booking fee of £6 is charged for hotel bookings, daycare bookings and short notice bookings made at less than 12 hours notice.

The National Minimum Wage is now £6.50 for 21 and over. The minimum wage for 18-20 is £5.13 and under 18 is £3.79. The sitter will usually set her own hourly rate.


Event Nannies

We also provide nannies for weddings or other events.

You allocate us a room at your venue and let us know how many children will be attending and also their ages (so we can get the child/adult ratio right) and we will entertain them for the duration of the time we are booked for (minimum of 2 hours).

Security and safety of the children is at the top of our list and there will be a unique password system in place for each child.

We will provide toys and equipment.

We will escort children on toilet breaks.

We will change nappies.

Food/snacks will need to be arranged with your caterers.

The children will have their own little party, leaving you to enjoy your special day.


Message us for a quote for your event or if you have any questions :-)


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